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Fitness for women

Fitness for women

Healthy, fit and well-being through everyday life

You want to improve your fitness, change your diet, reach your dream figure or support your body after the birth of your child? Health Coach Bardo accompanies and supports you on the way to achieving your goals. Especially in a challenging everyday life, it is important to stay healthy and fit. Regular training and a healthy diet play the main roles here. This not only strengthens the body but also the soul and reduces stress.

Specially to the individual needs of women Bardo has developed a holistic training that includes the components of nutrition, fitness, strength and shape. In addition to a nutritional consultation tailored to your metabolism, Bardo offers you an individual training program. Hereby you can leave behind the stress of everyday life, reach your dream figure or strengthen your body after the birth of your child.

With Bardo you achieve maximum and sustainable success!

Health Coach Bardo puts the focus of the training on the fact that you feel comfortable in your body, reduce stress and strengthen your health sustainably. Particular attention is paid to the toning of the connective tissue respectively body toning and back training or, after pregnancy, to the postnatal recovery gymnastics, the pelvic floor training and the strengthening of the middle of the body. Especially after birth the body needs special training adapted to the special needs – Bardo is the right contact for this as a professional trainer.

After a comprehensive check-up, Bardo identifies nutritional recommendations and individual training sessions so that you can achieve maximum success in the shortest possible time!

The concept at a glance:

  • Nutritional advice
  • Improvement of fitness
  • Pelvic floor exercises
  • Toning of the connective tissue respectively body toning
  • Back training
  • Muscle building and fat loss