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Back School

Back School

According to statistics, every third person has back pain. The causes for this are very diverse. Current scientific studies prove that in addition to physical stress and unfavorable working postures, mental factors such as stress, anxiety and job dissatisfaction can also be the causes of back problems. The back school will motivate you to intensively and actively deal with your back.

It provides you with the most important back-specific information and sound background knowledge so that you can independently promote back health and avoid the symptoms.

Bardo will help you with that:

  • to learn back-friendly behavior,
  • to prevent back problems,
  • to improve posture,
  • to train the muscles,
  • to do something against tension
  • and get information about the back and back health.

Particularly people should be addressed by the back school, who move little or not enough, who have risk factors for back pain and who have ever felt back pain.