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I came to Bardo after 2.5 years of exclusively bodyweight training (Pandemic) to build strength. Training with Bardo is excellent for several reasons: the exercises are classic and Bardo pays very close attention to developing a clean technique, which is especially important for me (over 50). At the same time, the progression is steady and accompanied with close monitoring. And he is very nice, super atmosphere!

Tom Buri, 05/20/2023

I have been training with Bardo for almost 5 years, at the moment once a week. Bardo has managed to awaken the ‘power athlete’ in me and to develop me into a thoroughly ambitious recreational athlete!

Bardo is a super motivator and drives me to ever new performance increases in training. In addition to the actual training, Bardo is also a good advisor for nutrition, etc. and raises further success factors for the training!

I look forward to training with Bardo every Wednesday!

Mark Müller, 03/30/2023

The training is demanding, challenging, individual, goal-oriented, humorous and holistic. We have been training 2-3 times a week for eight months. Lightness and always new exercises ensure that the training never gets boring. In addition to sports and body awareness, I also discuss thoughts about sleep, food, work with Bardo… (which, in my opinion, are part of a holistic view of health).

It is nice and motivating to see the holistic successes, which is why I can really rate Bardo with five stars and wholeheartedly recommend it.

Marie Thiermann, 10/07/2022

What can I say. Bardo completely understood my personal circumstances and designes my plans to cater for it. My goal is to loose body fat and to build my muscle mass up.

With his workout plans I have reached so much in three months in a healthy and substainable way already. My body shape has changed to the better and with 35 I see a body development I have never seen before. Besides that his nutrition consultation helped me optimize by blood results and feel fit and just amazing.

My plans are a good mixture of working different body parts which really keeps me interested. Bardo is always there to listen to me and share his expertise. His language skills are very good and you can see the professionalism throughout each step of the process.

Thank you so much!

Raya Hachani, 10/06/2022

Bardo is a really good coach! I’ve been training with him for 3/4 years now. What I found particularly good at the beginning was that he asked about my goal (losing weight sustainably). I had no real gym experience before and am really advanced now. Bardo is a very empathetic, personable & experienced trainer. Again and again he applies new things and educates himself. My discipline has improved positively through the training. I feel very good mentally and physically and am grateful to have Bardo as my trainer 3-4 times a week. The coaching sessions are not boring at all. On the contrary: I love going there and we laugh a lot. But in addition to training, he also knows a lot about healthy eating. I was able to learn a lot from him here and I like to apply it. I can warmly recommend Bardo and am really looking forward to the further time and the regular training sessions. I can’t imagine any other coach, it just fits. Keep it up!

Nils Thiermann, 05/26/2022

Outstanding coach!

I’ve been training with Bardo for a few months. With him I have found a highly competent, professional and very personable trainer! Bardo picks you up where you are, always keeps an eye on your personal goals (and any weak points) and adapts your training to them individually. Through his consistently positive and motivating art, the whole thing gets a lightness! The training is a lot of fun and very varied! So it didn’t take long before my primary goal: “to find fun in sports again or to integrate training into my everyday life again” was achieved! My body feeling has also noticeably improved! My expectations were clearly exceeded.

Bardo lives what its brand stands for, is honestly interested in the development and progress of its customers and always takes the time to answer questions or for a professional assessment!

I’m super satisfied and looking forward to the next few hours! Clear recommendation!

Anja Witt 05/19/2022

In my opinion, Bardo is one of the most competent trainers in his field. I’ve been training with him for a while now and I’m extremely happy. Of course, some of the trainers I had before also advertise that they respond precisely to the needs and problems. However, no one immediately recognized my problems without me having to say so beforehand except for Bardo & I really felt that he was addressing that. Furthermore, he creates his lesson very varied. This explicitly means that new exercises are carried out in each unit, which simply makes it more fun. I can only recommend training with him to everyone.

Julia Leopold, 09/06/2021

Bardo is a very competent and personable coach who will systematically help you to achieve your individual goals.

Personally, I’ve been training with Bardo for over a year and since then I’ve not only improved, but also learned a lot and had a lot of fun. The coaching includes body tracking with in-body scales, an individual training plan, nutritional advice and the actual training, where bardo always knows how to motivate and brings in variety. Absolute recommendation!

Julian Bütefür, 03/13/2021

Chasing new paths and changes can be challenging. All the better if you don’t have to be alone and there are personal trainers who offer their support in this regard. The expectations are of course high: the training should be effective, but also fun. The diet should make you happy, tasty and not degenerate into boredom.

With Bardo, the mood during training is always positive and motivating, and clearly visible results can be seen through play after a few weeks – a changed body feeling has already set in after a few hours. During the training units there is a productive exchange, supportive tips and regular feedback on eating habits.
All of this makes it easy to face unloved habits and guide them in new directions.

As a customer of Bardo, I personally feel that I am in very good hands and that makes him an excellent companion for holistic and sustainable healthy routines.

Miriam Backhaus, 01/09/2021

I can only warmly recommend Bardo. Bardo is an extremely pleasant, fun, motivating and very professional trainer. I trained intensively with him for 3 months and made enormous progress in building muscle and strength. His training program is well coordinated all round, can be wonderfully completed alone or under his supervision in 30 or 60 minutes and caters to individual needs. Even today I incorporate what Bardo has learned into my workouts every day and I am grateful that I achieved my goals through him. Great guy, great training and never boring.

Anthony Youssafi 12/30/2020

Great personal training! I associate Bardo with an excellent personal trainer who has deep and broad specialist knowledge. The training is individual and the development is checked regularly. Bardo not only gives tips on how to do it, but can also explain competently and clearly why the exercise is important. The training was always demanding and motivating, and he always made it possible to get a slot. Pure motivation and incentive, no matter whether at 6 a.m. or late in the evening.

Najoua Boumanjal 12/25/2020

After about 20 years of fitness experience and experience with various trainers, I met Bardo and can only recommend him! You can tell that he loves his job and also really has a clue! He is great at responding to restrictions and quickly rescheduling so that the training is individual, goal-oriented and effective! I don’t know a better coach!

Christin Cosanne 08/04/2020

I’ve been training with Bardo for a few months now and I can recommend him 100%.

He goes completely into one and the cooperation is super pleasant and the training is really fun despite all the effort and demand. Thanks to the varied exercises, it never gets boring. He immediately recognizes where there is a problem and builds up the training accordingly. I now feel like I was reborn in my body. And not only am I happy about every progress I make, but also Bardo. He puts his heart and soul into every training session and knows exactly how much he can expect from you. And with his little tricks he likes to get even more out of you than you would have thought. If you have any questions, he is always at your side with his knowledge.

I couldn’t have found a better coach. I’m looking forward to every hour!

Alissa Tempelhoff 08/01/2020

Bardo is just the perfect PT! He has a lot of technical know-how (I can judge it as an orthopedist) and is also a great guy who gets the most out of everyone with every training! I’m glad I found it … best decision! Thanks for your patience, Skillbeast!

Your Stiffler, Dr. Kornelius Heck 7/30/2020

Bardo and I met earlier this year after I happened to see how and to what extent he trains with his clients. Since then, my attitude towards personal training has fundamentally changed.

After an initial analysis and definition of “what do I want to achieve”, Bardo repeatedly pushes me to my personal limit through a very varied training session. With almost every training new exercises are added and I quickly noticed a progress in my own performance.

You quickly notice that someone is standing in front of you who is passionate about his job and who himself always has his finger on the pulse of know-how in the field of fitness.

What is extremely important to me is that Bardo is also very personable and easy-going, but that the training does not lose any of its intensity. In addition, there is always the opportunity to ask questions (e.g. about nutrition) and an honest and meaningful answer is guaranteed.

I am completely satisfied and look forward to everything that is to come!

Falco Holborn 07/23/2020

With Bardo I finally found a personal trainer with whom I am really making progress.
I have been training with Bardo for almost a year now, before that I had been in fitness studios for many years without really making any significant progress.

At Bardo, the progress came after a short time. My strength and flexibility have improved enormously, I have been able to reduce my body fat percentage by more than 5% and I feel fitter than ever.
Above all, he has the talent to uncover weaknesses and work on them in a targeted manner.

You just notice that he has found his passion and wants to bring his customers closer to their goal.
He is always up to date on various training methods, but can also answer all questions about nutrition and constantly try something new.
Last but not least, the training is simply fun!

10.03.2020 Denise Schuster

I have been training with Bardo for about 8 months and I have to say that I have not repeated any training since the first hour.

At the beginning I had a clear idea of what a coach has to offer. We discussed my goals and worked on them at the first hour. Every few months we look through various tests of how I developed.
My focus is on general agility, strength and coordination as well as speed.

Bardo is TOP trained and combines classic with the latest training methods. With his attentive and motivating manner, he manages to keep his trainees on the ball.

Thanks to Bardo I feel really well in my body, fit, healthy and finally mobile again.

21.10.2019 Jonas van Blanken

I can highly recommend Bardo!
At the beginning he showed me my weaknesses and the points we have to work on. Shows me completely new exercises and helps me to execute them correctly. But the most important thing is helping me to give 100% or more and stay motivated.
You can always ask him for advice.

12.06.2019 Maik Schmitz

Thanks to Bardo, I am encouraged and challenged individually during every training session. I really wanted to increase my strength and mobility, especially in the arms, shoulders, back and stomach. My goal was for my hobby to build surfing, maximum paddle power and above all to strengthen the back and abdominal muscles. What can I say – since I train with Bardo I have built up the absolute paddle power. But not only that – my basic fitness has increased enormously. I feel mobilized, energized and just strong. In addition, Bardo is just such a warm and open person, so the training is always fun. Thanks Bardo – I’m looking forward to our next training.

04.06.2019 Peggy Lex

We have significantly improved our running performance by training with Bardo. He responded to our individual goals and prepared us well for a half marathon. Through his positive and funny way, he always motivates us again. Definitely recommended!

16.04.2019 Jörg Presch

Extremely motivating! Bardo manages to overcome one’s own limits. The training is demanding but never one-sided. Not only do one become stronger, one also feel that he is doing something good for the body and flexibility. And above all: very varied! It never bores one, and one really has the feeling of getting a very individual coaching and not a memorized / rehearsed training plan. Thanks to Bardo, I have managed to stay in the sport for the first time!

04.02.2019 Renke Thye

With Bardo, I have found fun in training again. He manages to motivate you. I am fascinated by the variety that is in every training and Bardo always filled with new elements. That makes the training varied and brings me even a lot of joy – but you must also be able to “bite”. Mostly it goes to the pain threshold. But he knows how to get you there in a purposeful and slow pace and to spur you on to the best. Particularly helpful is his experience and the numerous tips on nutrition, which in my view belong to a good coach. His knowledge and additional qualification to strengthen the back helped me enormously. In short – the perfect coach!

31.01.2019 Lars Tillack

I trained with Bardo for half a year until unfortunately I moved away.
Bardo is a great coach. He is completely responsive to me, my needs and goals.

Bardo motivates and challenges. He talks loosely about training, health, and nutrition, but also about job, everyday life and gastronomy.
The training is varied and great fun. Bardo knows how to push you to the limit and still activate the reserves. I often trembled with motivation and still made this last set.
Bardo draws on a wide range of exercises, depending on the training goal, but with a focus on functional training. I especially liked the HIIT units and Crossfit exercises.
I can fully recommend Bardo!

20.06.2018 Daniel Hökfelt

… professional, competent, specific, perfectly aligned with my strengths and weaknesses. What was it like, “If you hate it, you need it”.

19.06.2018 Dirk Koch

It might sound exaggerated, but it’s true: Working out with Bardo changed my life. It didn’t just help me solving a serious shoulder condition, which several physicians couldn’t heal. The health-focused training made me fitter in general. And it was a lot of fun as well.

09.04.2018 – Daniel Grether

I can recommend Bardo unconditionally and warmly. After more than 10 years of abstinence from sports, 2 children and parallel to the full-time office job, he made me fit again in a very short time. I would never have expected this result. He challenges and supports me intensively, individually and highly diversified. In addition, because of its incredible winning nature, it is also a human asset to my life. Thanks, Bardo! You are the best!

01.02.2018 – Bettina Stockhausen

Very sympathetic personal trainer! He brings me to my limits and still a bit further 🙂
You can see he loves his job.
5* – really recommended!

26.09.2017 – Lena Kassner

I also train with Bardo since the beginning of the year. What I really appreciate about Bardo is that he concentrates on you from the first to the last minute and does not let anything distract you during this time. His training is very individual and always tailored to personal needs. After a lumbago, for example, he immediately changed the training accordingly. I can only recommend Bardo.

25.09.2017 – Sebastian D.

I’ve been training with Bardo since April and I’m totally happy: Bardo is a very nice, likable man, his training is individual and absolutely varied. I feel fitter than ever, he is very motivating, so during the lessons with him I always go to my limits and then happily take a shower. Bardo is the best coach I have ever had!

28.07.2017 – Gitte Schilly

At the beginning I was unsure if a PT is right for me. However, I knew very quickly that it was the best I had decided on. Very motivating, professional, disciplined and above all with a lot of fun in training, the cooperation with Bardo goes very well. It is particularly important to me to have an honest contact person who is responsive to my needs, but also recognizes my weaknesses and transforms them into my strengths. I have found everything with Bardo and look forward to further cooperation.

04.07.2017 – Dilara Yilmaz

Bardo is a very dedicated coach with a lot of expertise and humor. He knows how to motivate his clients properly. I trained with him for 3 months and am absolutely thrilled. No single workout was ever boring because Bardo constantly adjusts and changes the exercises. After a first check he adjusted the exercises to my wishes and my body and always paid attention to a correct execution. Training with him is fun and is still really effective. I can recommend Bardo as a personal trainer to anyone.

07.05.2017 – Rafael Gryber

For more than 6 months I have not done any sports regularly. For three weeks I have been training regularly with Bardo. I have to say that Bardo managed to move my inner bastard. He has motivated me so much to believe in me. He motivated me not to give up.

He analyzed my body data (fat percentage, BMI, etc.) and created an individual workout plan for me.
As a result, he has developed a training plan that is tailored to my needs. I was able to achieve first results after only 3 weeks. I lost weight and was able to reduce my waist size.

Bardo is a professional, sympathetic and dynamic personal trainer. For me he is even a life safer. I have changed my unhealthy life through Bardo. I changed my diet and do sports regularly. Even with nutritional questions Bardo can help you.
It is always fun to train with him.
I can recommend Bardo as a personal trainer to anyone!

24.04.2017 – Lavanya Pasupathy

It is always a pleasure to work with him. He takes his work very seriously and is well prepared. Thus, training with him is very efficient. My health restrictions have been well incorporated into the program. But there is still time for funny conversations not to do the training too dry. I hope he can help many more fitter so I can recommend him with a good conscience.

23.04.2017 – Norbert Schäfer

The regular training with Bardo is not only fun, it is also efficient and very individualized. It deliberately identifies weaknesses and defines goals, which are then addressed in a focused way. I am very pleased!

12.04.2017 – Zakia Benchillal

Bardo got me back on my feet after my difficult surgery, not only with suitable exercises, but also with his open, easy, motivating way! I would never decide for another coach!

16.03.2017 – Irina Kazakov

Since I already had several coaches and had different experiences, I can only express myself very positively about Bardo.
His training methods are extremely efficient and lead quickly to the desired success.
You quickly realize that he knows what he is talking about and has a holistic approach, in which he also considered e.g. nutritional aspects.
I am completely satisfied and will continue to train with him in the long term as I have never been so fit.

04.03.2017 – Mechthild Möser

Bardo is a fantastic personal trainer! I already had other PT, but Bardo is always well-prepared, focused and makes my exercise program just the way I want it. After only a few hours of training, I was able to notice the differences. Simply great !!!

02.03.2017 – Andrea Heck

Young, dynamic and above all sympathetic coach who always has a smile left. He responds to my individual needs, so that I can train optimally. The first results are already noticeable after 4 weeks on weight, on the body measurements and even more on the general well-being condition. I will definitely continue training with him until my goal is achieved. Bardo helps to stay focused and always encourages me to reach higher goals. I will continue to train with him.

2016 – 2017 -Harun Canbulat

I’ve been doing fitness and muscle training ever since I’m a teenager. But since I’ve been training with Bardo, I understand how much I’ve done wrong before. No wonder I never really got results! And the best thing about training with Bardo: I train much less than before! I train shorter, but for it correct and regularly and with Bardo’s nutrition tips (on request he also makes an individual nutrition plan) I have reached my goals within a few weeks. This saves me a lot of time and I know that every single training is really worthwhile. Bardo simply knows what he’s doing, you can ask him anything, he’s a running lexicon of holistic health! Very professional, born Motivator, but not exhausting, but always natural, nice and kind. In short: Every single cent worth!

10.09.2016 – Thorsten Reinhardt