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Healthcoach Bardo

“Always stay on the ball”

In retrospect, one usually only recognizes the connections and a line that connects all essential events in life. You do not recognize this line in the present. Act intuitively, follow your instincts and the heart. Be crazy, try it out. Stay true to yourself! As with the game, you will also remove yourself from the ball, but only with possession of the ball you can act or take the decisive actions.

It is important that you do not lose sight of the ball.


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“It’s the daily, supposedly small decisions that decide whether you reach your goal”

  • Go to bed early or stay up late
  • Go out to the fresh air, move or stay indoors
  • Training or no training
  • Valuable food or not
  • The (second) glass of wine or not
  • Sweets or no sweets
  • Rest or work
  • Get up early or sleep late

Bardo – Bardo – Your personal trainer in Dusseldorf

Bardo is a top qualified personal trainer in and around Dusseldorf. He accompanies you in the process of individual health promotion and personal fitness improvement.

His approach is characterized by holistic methods. Because Bardo is not only  a trained personal trainer. He is also a passionate motivator and talented coach.

Achieve the maximum in the shortest possible time

With a trained eye for detail and his above-average expertise, he analyzes each case individually – because each training goal has its own very special starting prerequisites. In order to create the right program for everyone, Bardo relies on his hobby: efficient training.

People who train with Bardo, wish to achieve the greatest possible results in a short time. In addition to a clear definition of goals, the basic prerequisite for any efficient training is above all the sustainable integration of everyday life – both of which are of course included in the service spectrum of Health Coach Bardo.

What is your goal?

No matter what you want to achieve and how far you are from it, Bardo will show you the way and accompany you:

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Back Therapy

With Bardo’s help you can quickly and effectively promote your back health and avoid complaints. The back therapy will motivate you to intensively and actively deal with your back!

>> Back exercises

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