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Make a decision and find out what’s in you!

You want to lose weight, improve your fitness or keep your figure? With a professional personal trainer and a structured plan, you will achieve your goals quickly and sustainably.

Health Coach Bardo works with the proven InBody system to record and evaluate your data. Thus, you can be sure that the analysis of all important parameters is professionally supported.

InBody System

Bardo expects you a “carefree care” with the following services, in which of course your personal challenges are always considered individually:

First meeting:

Check – In Initial conversation:
Trial training, general ideas, target history, time management, clarification of problems, motivation

First Check:

Body composition with the InBody System, vital signs, flexibility

Training planning:

Analysis of data, periodization, methodology, exercise selection


Briefing, supervision, monitoring and feedback


Documentation, re-test, training new planning