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Lose weight healthily

Lose weight healthily

Lose weight healthily – the daily diet is the key to reducing and stabilizing your body weight.

It determines your external appearance and decides how much muscle and fat-free mass your body consists of. The formula for stabilizing body weight is simple: Do not take more calories to you than your body needs to function. In the implementation it gets more complicated. The efficiency of energy production from food, the basal metabolic rate and hunger feelings vary from person to person and depend on the age, gender and physique. Without professional guidance, it can be difficult to achieve and maintain your feel-good weight – diets are often frustrating and do not produce the desired results.

Health Coach Bardo helps you to achieve your goals in a healthy way and to maintain your motivation. The key to successful weight management is not to let hunger develop!

Nutrition counseling

As a Health Coach, Bardo’s job is to give you a plan for the optimal supply of energy. The emphasis is on health and sustainable development. That’s how you quickly reach your goal with his support.

Bardo’s nutritional concept:

• Protein and high fiber foods
• Balanced acid / base balance through a high proportion of basic foods
• Avoiding processed foods as much as possible

A typical nutritional plan from Health Coach Bardo provides high quality food: Every meal is planned around the building material protein and further developed according to your personal goals with the energy sources fat and carbohydrate. To keep your blood sugar constant, you reduce short-chain carbohydrates in your diet. Consider products from this area (such as confectionery, light bread, pasta and white rice) as a stimulant and not as a food for daily consumption – this helps you to maintain your weight and has a preventive effect against diseases such as diabetes. With a varied diet, you ensure the optimal supply of all nutrients (vitamins, minerals, trace elements). Bardo’s training program and nutritional advice is a proven success combination in practice!