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Functional training

Functional training

With the functional training you train exactly as you need it!

The training largely dispenses with machines and isolated movements and thus makes your own body an effective training device. For experts all over the world, this everyday form of exercise has been proven to increase performance. Properly applied, people of all ages and levels can benefit from functional training!

The decisive advantage: The body is strengthened with the complex exercises as a whole and optimized not only in its individual parts. This strengthens the natural movement sequences. Because in everyday life, when running, jumping or throwing different muscles have to work finely dosed together to transfer the power from one to the next part of the body – in so-called muscle chains from the legs over hips, buttocks and torso to the shoulder girdle and the arms.


  • More stamina and increased strength in everyday stress
  • Posture improvement
  • Training of coordination
  • Improvement of sport specific abilities
  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Increase in bone density
  • Reduction of body fat

Functional training has been at the forefront of German fitness trends for years and is pursued by athletic training, yoga / pilates and strength training. At the same time, the boundaries are merging more and more fluently. Functional training no longer stands alone but is reflected in other trend sports, such as the CrossFit.

“Keep it simple!”

The customers want to train according to this motto: to achieve a fast training success with a few but effective exercises. The goals are more strength, more endurance and more agility. Functional training is not new at all. It used to be better known as functional gymnastics and has been used by physiotherapists. The term is the generic term for a holistic training concept and less the training of only individual muscles and muscle groups.

The fitness center of Health Coach Bardo offers areas for training and functional training in Düsseldorf. If the good coaching is ensured by the trainer, the functional training is probably the most natural way to get fit and healthy and above all to stay. As a Functional Trainer with the A-License, Bardo trains his clients purposefully with the most effective training methods. The holistic inclusion of all muscle groups demands the entire body during functional training. The aim of this form of training is the optimization of movement sequences, the strengthening of muscle groups and the balancing of individual weaknesses such as muscular imbalances. Using screening methods, Bardo can identify weak points and eliminate them selectively using certain methods of functional training. Functional training only works by using your own body weight and selected small devices. Thus Bardo optimizes the movement quality of its customers and motivates them with this special training method.

In order to serve you as efficiently as possible – so that you can achieve maximum success in the shortest possible time effectively – you will receive a comprehensive check-up, which includes, among other things, the determination of body data and nutrition anamnesis. Afterwards, a personalized training and nutrition plan will support your project.